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IMG_0060living out my dreams
lorde knows, i’m
never not chasing a million things
i want

what was morrison doing when he was 26
living like a (lizard) king; looking for his next trip
27 brings a fatal twist

feeling like i’ve died
been born again; rise again
i’m water during high tide, always on the rise.

life outside the box.

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from a young age we are taught to go to school, get a job, find a lover, invest in a car and house, pop out a couple of kids and pay for them until we die. on the contrary we are taught to think outside the box… but not too far outside because then you get into the unknown. and we wouldn’t want to do that would we? well i say fuck that idea…

two years ago while sitting at a desk daydreaming of being “anywhere but here” i realized that the basic necessity in life is happiness and it starts with you. i couldn’t help but feel like my life was routine, dull, boring and just straight up meaningless. what was i living for? a 9-5 job and a less than satisfactory love life. where was the excitement? the adventure? the passion? i didn’t have any of that and was determined to go through hell and fire to find it.


i moved to toronto and as summer turned to autumn i booked a ticket to bangkok, thailand and chilled out and travelled the country for a month with a couple of babes from highschool. from there my girl and i jetted to perth, australia. and the next year is drunken fun – history!  i’m currently living in the rocky mountains; lake louise, alberta, canada.

now, just over 2 years later i truly am living my dream. my demeanor, attitude and outlook on life have drastically changed. i’m addicted to living out of a suitcase and the uncertainty life on the road brings. i can’t express how grateful i am that i had the balls to change my life and allow my spirit to roam free.

tired of the same ol’ shit different day routine? if you’re thinking “i wish i could do that” or you’re waiting for a sign; this is it. follow me down the bunnyhole that is the life of travel! (that means keep reading… or pack your bag!)

i’ve met me.

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i’m time travelling
found myself in 1969
eyes open wide,
i’ve met me.
the one i want to be inside.
nice to meet you.

i’m living a lie
cause my story is always changing. i
live in kaleidoscope dreams;
always changing, but
not even you
could change me.

6 ways to save for travel.

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saving money can be pretty challenging but when your reward is travelling the world i’ve got 6 easy tips on cutting costs.

1. sober up.
instead of spending a shitload of cash on blacking out and hooking up with randos, waking up in the morning (who the hell is this guy?) with an empty wallet and no sign of your phone why not, stay home. read a book, do some research on your next destination, work on your sketches, sing a song, rip some chords on the guitar; work towards your goal. besides, i’d rather be paying $2 for a bucket of sangsom on the beaches of thailand than $4.50 a beer in a dark pub with shitty music and an even worse crowd.

2. live minimally.
the less you spend on materialistic items the more freedom you’ll have to pick up and move on at the drop of a hat. what is going to be important to you ten years from now, how much your wardrobe is worth or how many countries are stamped on your passport each representing a million stories.

3. invest in your resume.
apply for positions in global companies where growth is promoted; become an asset. have a backup plan such as a TESL certificate while travelling third wolrld countries or if you are creative sell your original work (canvas, jewelry, clothing). never burn a bridge and keep a strong work ethic.

4. say no to takeout.
not only does buying healthy groceries save you a buttload of money but it also eliminates the extra pounds you’ll pack on stuffing your face with cheeseburgers and poutines. or in my case if you’re craving the entire taco bell menu, try the “plenty of food” approach. troll plenty of fish for a sucker who’s willing to buy your broke ass some tacos – that usually works.

5. breakup with your boyfriend/girlfriend.
not actually, but really think about the money you’re spending on relationship maintenance. are you 110% happy with where you’re at in life? if not ditch the baggage and use that money to better your own happiness. is that selfish?
sorry’bout it.

while you may detect some sarcasm above all…

6. don’t be a dink.
always practice kindness and smile. what you give out to the universe is what you will get back. keep in mind if you’re broke, backpacking and hungry you’ll get a free roof over your head faster than you would if you’re a total butthole.

lonely never felt so good.

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i’m becoming a lonely person.
i sleep alone.
wake-up and eat alone.
watch nature in its natural beauty
i go to countries and cities and towns.
i don’t know a soul.
no one knows my name.
i never thought being lonely could be a good thing.
self discovery.
it’s a great thing.

this WILDlife. is MYlife.

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mylife.jpga camera flashes.
i could be anywhere in the world.
dancing in the stars, bright.
warm breeze.
a fire’s light.
we’re high.
escape into the WILDlife.
LIVEfast. TRAVELyoung.
disappear into the speeding night.